Parenting Series: Raising Successful Daughters

In this series of videos with Drs. Don & Magy Martin, authors of the book Finding Grit, viewers learn about topics vital to raising successful daughters.  From creating consistency and teaching responsibility to encouraging academic success, the Martins provide a number of tips and strategies for effective parenting.  For more videos and articles, please visit our Finding Grit Blog and follow us on Facebook.

Teaching Responsibility & Respect

Drs. Don & Magy Martin discuss strategies for teaching your daughter how to be successful.  Here, learn tips on how to create consistency and encourage responsibility in your children.

Academic Achievement & Success

Drs. Don & Magy Martin talk about the state of today’s schools.  When parents are more involved their daughter’s education, there is a greater chance they will succeed academically.  Watch here for effective strategies.

Through Success & Failure

Drs. Don & Magy Martin explore the misconception that children should not be allowed to fail.  Moreover, they stress how vital it is for children to learn how to fail in order to succeed.  Watch their conversation now.

The Early Years in Sports

Drs. Don & Magy Martin strongly believe that today’s children are overextended at a young age.  Above all, parents must allow children to simply play without the sole focus of competition.  Watch now for further insight.