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Girls Playing Lacrosse

Concussions in Girls are a Serious Concern

Concussions are a big deal and something that parents need to watch closely. About a year ago, the Washington Post reported on a study by the American Academy ...

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Dads and Sports

Dads & Daughters: Use Sports to Bond

I was privileged to be a close observer of women’s athletics for nearly three decades. My daughters, born a decade apart, were both outstanding high school ...

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Sports and leadership

Your Daughter: Sports & Leadership

Sports can be an excellent way to frame a discussion on important values and leadership skills with your daughter. Through becoming a team leader, girls can develop skills that they can carry well into adulthood.

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Sports and Depression

Can Sports Help Prevent Depression in Girls?

Can sports help prevent depression in girls? Dr. Don Martin discusses the role that sports can play in preventing and managing depression in young women.

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To Raise Brave Girls, Encourage Adventure

The New York Times bestselling author and former San Francisco firefighter Caroline Paul gives a Ted Talk on the importance of teaching young girls bravery ...

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10 picture books that teach children grit

10 Picture Books that Teach Grit

Read on for 10 books that introduce children to characters who demonstrate perseverance, who rebound after the first try doesn’t work, and who try again instead of collapsing at the thought of failing.

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The Anti-Helicopter Parent's Plea: Let the Kids Play!

The Anti-Helicopter Parent’s Plea: Let Kids Play!

A Silicon Valley dad decided to test his theories about parenting by turning his yard into a playground where children can take physical risks without supervision. Not all of his neighbors were thrilled.

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Raising a daughter with grit

How to Raise Young Girls with Grit – Strong & Independent

By teaching girls to evaluate themselves realistically on a regular basis, when those times do come when they have big mistakes – and they will – they won’t be devastating. Instead, she’ll understand that mistakes are a part of life, and how she deals with them is what really matters.

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How Girls Reflect on Today's Media

How Girls Reflect On Today’s Media

It's s time to pay attention to how girls are reflecting on our media. We need girls to be successful in their lives and careers.

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