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Girls Playing Lacrosse

Concussions in Girls are a Serious Concern

Concussions are a big deal and something that parents need to watch closely. About a year ago, the Washington Post reported on a study by the American Academy ...

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Dads and Sports

Dads & Daughters: Use Sports to Bond

I was privileged to be a close observer of women’s athletics for nearly three decades. My daughters, born a decade apart, were both outstanding high school ...

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Sports and leadership

Your Daughter: Sports & Leadership

Sports can be an excellent way to frame a discussion on important values and leadership skills with your daughter. Through becoming a team leader, girls can develop skills that they can carry well into adulthood.

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Sports and Depression

Can Sports Help Prevent Depression in Girls?

Can sports help prevent depression in girls? Dr. Don Martin discusses the role that sports can play in preventing and managing depression in young women.

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Daughters Can Be Athletes, Too

Here’s something that some dads rarely consider. Daughters can be athletes, too! As a matter of fact, girls need to learn about teamwork, good sportsmanship and the thrill of victory just as much as boys.

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