What You’ll Learn

  • Perspectives and tips on a dad’s role and the mom’s role in the parenting journey.
  • How to teach your daughter responsibility
  • How to create expectations for academic success
  • How to focus on what’s important in middle school
  • How to transition into high school with proven success strategies.
  • How to increase productivity in sophomore year
  • How to embrace leadership and performance in junior year
  • How to navigate the college visitation process in senior year
  • How to move through the scholarship process

Excerpted from Foreword by Dr. Paige Krabill

“In many ways, this book is about my life.

After all, I was my parent’s oldest daughter, and I lived through and benefitted from the strategies inherent in this book. Because of my parent’s consistent philosophy, both my sister and I became outstanding students and successful Division 1 scholarship athletes. But more importantly, we learned how to be happy and successful adults. I now have two young children of my own and, of course, this book contains many ideas I regularly employ with my children. The ideas contained in this book are far bigger than I ever realized when I was a young child.

My parents are well-known researchers who have studied at-risk and difficult children for over three decades. They ran a family institute and have spent thousands of hours counseling parents and children as well as training professionals in their methods. What they do works, and they are experts in helping people reach their potential.”